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Case: Warehouse Performance Review 

For a logistics services provider we carried out a warehouse performance review assignment for the European Distribution Center of one of their high-tech customers (spare parts for copiers).


The objective of the project was to execute a warehouse scan & present improvement proposals based on the output of this scan. The warehouse concerned is the European Distribution Center of the LSP's high-tech customer.



Based on our analysis and observations in this European Distribution Center, during which we a.o. met with the warehouse team and looked into the existing processes, we found 95 (!) points of improvement.


Based on our Process Improvers Approach (People & Processes), improvement areas turned out to be  52% people and 48%  processes and could be clustered as follows (for details - see pie chart):


  1. shelving
  2. picking
  3. piece sorting
  4. packaging
  5. closing
  6. dispatch
  7. organisational
  8. general



Results of the analyses in a "nutshell":
- 95 % improvement proposals (52% people / 48% processes)
- drawn up improvement plan with clearly defined timelines

- agreement of a.m. improvement plan (both customer & LSP)



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